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  • Gary Keller always encourages us to be around emerging talent. The organization is full of emerging talent and thought leaders. As we continue our expansion across the country, I am looking to build an organization with driven and emerging talent and leadership, and it has been a tremendous partnership for us thus far. The masterminding and coaching opportunities have been a huge plus.

    Chris Suarez
    Chris Suarez
  • Because of the KWYP membership I have already attended 12 webinars. One with Dianna Kokoszka, one with Mo Anderson, six with Tony Giordano and another four are booked. That works out to less than $50 a session. Since the one with Mo, I’ve added two people to my profit share tree and likely a third soon! The one with Tony has helped me grow my database. The cost of membership will be covered 10x over with just one additional transaction for me. A worthwhile investment for me!

    Jennifer Holmes
    Jennifer Holmes
  • KWYP has been a huge contributing factor in our 2016 goals of agent to agent referrals as well as attracting talent for expansion. It’s always comforting to know that when you are sending referral clients to other agents that are trained, of like culture and will love on them just like you would.

    Lisa Archer
    Lisa Archer
  • KWYP has a ton of value for us as agents. Not everybody in our company has this opportunity. If you truly want to be successful in real estate, if you truly want to invest in your business and if you truly want to make real estate a career – run as a business – I encourage you to join KWYP. I encourage you to invest in yourself. It’s so worth it. You’re so worth it.

    Rich Ganim
    Rich Ganim
  • "KWYP gives you the opportunity to build a future as big as you desire. Being part of KWYP raised my leadership lid and put me in direct conversations with the biggest thinkers and strongest leaders in the company."

    Dylan Suitor
    Dylan Suitor KWYP Canada Regional Ambassador

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  • Thank you to this incredible group of young leaders who sparked the idea of creating the KWYP Division!

    Alex Frank, Phillip Gazca, Kelly Henderson, Melissa Krchnak
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